Kids W.I.R.E.D.

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Kids WIRED is an exciting program for children grades K-5 that teaches the Bible through music, rhythm, games, drama, and activities. Kids WIRED meets every Wednesday night from 6:00–7:00 p.m. throughout the school year. WIRED is not just for musical kids; our goal is for all of our children to become life-long worshippers of God!

Children will lead in Worship periodically throughout the year and participate in special presentations.

Registration Locations:
Kindergarten and 1st Grades:  1st floor E Building (Main Office Building)
2nd and 3rd Grades: Christian Life Center - F201 
4th and 5th Grades:  Christian Life Center - F112 

For more information please contact:
Nancy Jones
Kids WIRED Coordinator

407.365.3484 x110


Preschool W.I.R.E.D.

Worship Is Required Every Day

Preschool WIRED is for children ages 3-PreK and meets every Wednesday night from 6:00–7:00 a.m. throughout the school year.

Realizing that this is an essential time in the life of our children, Preschool WIRED strives to set the beginnings of a spiritual foundation that will lead children into becoming lifelong worshippers of an awesome God! We provide an age appropriate program designed to reinforce the foundations they receive at home and in church.

Throughout the year, kids learn to sing and move together—the beginnings of corporate worship! They also participate in activities that reinforce Biblical truths, learn rhythmic skills and play educational games. Each week our leaders are prepared to love your children and lead them in worship. We consider it a privilege to share with your family in this way!

Registration Location:
Friendship Island (1st floor of Worship Center)

For more information please contact:

Preschool WIRED Coordinator
407.365.3484 x152