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Viewer Feedback

Thank you so very much for your TV broadcast each Sunday morning. I love watching Dr. Mercer. God bless you all and I look forward to what God does in our lives.
Susan in Paducah, KY

Please accept my warmest thanks that your ministry is a blessing to me and should be to all who are privileged to hear your meaningful biblical messages. I pray that God will continue to bless you for bringing the Word untainted to us.
Mary in Camilla, GA

What a blessing The Winning Edge program has been to me for the past several years. Due to chronic illness, I have been unable to attend my church and have substituted watching several biblically sound, Christian TV services/programs, including The Winning Edge. Thank you and may God richly bless your church and your broadcast ministry.
Renee from Palm Bay, FL

We want to thank you for providing us spiritual food through your television ministry over the past months. Truly, our souls were blessed and nourished.
Donna and Vernon from Frisco, TX

Please send me your book, "Getting God to Say Yes." I really liked it. This will be my second book. I loaned out the first one and never got it back. I think that person I gave it to has passed it on by now. It's such a great book.
Bonneta from Bushnell

Thank you for providing and supporting your television broadcast program. It truly helped my husband and me grow in understanding and faith over the years that he struggled with cancer and could not attend church. Your faithfulness to be there week after week meant more than words can ever express.
Beth from Titusville

I very much enjoy listening to your services every Sunday morning. The way you explain everything is very easy to understand and I look forward to your blessing at the end.
Mary from Orlando

Just a thank you note in regards to the TV programs that we are able to watch when we are unable to attend the services. I have not been in church for about the last 9 weeks do to my health. I had a light stroke that weaken my entire right side. I have had to have physical therapy in our home for speech, occupation and walking. Phyllis and I have enjoyed your messages as well as other church TV programs. You and your family are always in our prayers. God  Bless!
Ron and Phyllis from Orlando

Thanks for the wonderful sermon on tithing. Your church is fortunate to have you. I am an 82 year old lady who lives on Social Security in a Sr. Citizen’s home. I get $937 a month, of that I donate $80 to a small church and also give to another church. The miracle is—I always have more than I think. God bless you in your work.
Shirley from Americus, GA

The Winning Edge is so important to the ones of us who cannot actually attend in person. At least my husband and I can feel a part of the church - I am so proud of all that you do - outreach, missions, and of course the messages! The most wonderful messages every Sunday!
Cliff and Janet from Lake Helen, FL

I felt the reading of Pastor Mercer's book was as dynamic as his preaching. The Lord has gifted Pastor Mercer with the ability to teach His Word.
Pam from Longwood, FL

Thank you for sending me your book, "Getting God to Say Yes." I have found it to be very inspiring. I also enjoyed reading about your church spreading the wealth into your community. I praise God for your ministry.
Nora from Orlando, FL

I just happened to see the Sunday morning broadcast April 26…I’ll never just “happen upon your show” again.  I’ll make an effort to watch regularly from now on. 
Peggy from Ocala, FL

We want to thank you for sponsoring your Sunday morning service.  We get “The Winning Edge” here in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
James and Evelyn from Oconomowoc, WI

Thank you for your wonderful messages and your ministry. I don’t get out to church very much so your ministry is so important to me. 
Martha from Melbourne Beach, FL

I am 96 years old and unable to attend church very often so I am blessed to be able to listen to Dr. Mercer on Sunday mornings.
Sarah from Ocala, FL

It was great to find your program last Sunday after telling the Holy Spirit that it sure would be nice to find a pastor who had personally experienced a miracle. I could hardly believe my ears when you mentioned your healing from Diabetes. Praise GOD!!!
Carol from Encinitas, CA

Being born again I can't thank you enough for caring enough to be on the air and asking people to pray the sinner’s prayer. I have prayed for you.
Kay from Kansas City, MO

The sermon touched my heart, spirit and soul. I can't put into words how much the sermon filled me up. I am a Christian, but I need to be doing a lot more for the Lord. 
Teresa from Reidsville, NC

I had foot surgery in March 2007. While I could not go to church for a couple of Sundays I was able to see Dr. Mercer on TV in my tiny town of Odenville, AL. I enjoyed the preaching so much I called my daughter who lives in Oviedo and told her about this great church and the fabulous pastor. She told me that they had just started attending this church. Little did I know that God had plans for me to move to Oviedo in April 2009. I joined First Baptist Oviedo and am very excited about where the Lord wants me to serve.
Linda from Oviedo

I want to thank you for the wonderful sermons that you deliver on Sunday mornings. I always listen to you before I go to my church, and I really enjoy your messages.
Stella from Orlando, FL

I enjoy your weekly sermon. God Bless.
Charlie from Longwood

I watch The Winning Edge every Sunday when I get home from church. You always have a good message. God bless you in spreading the gospel of our Lord.
Gloria from South Daytona, FL

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