At First Baptist Oviedo we believe that even the youngest child is capable of learning. In fact, their early years are when more learning takes place than any other time of life! For this reason we approach each session we have with preschoolers of all ages…from babies on up…as a treasured moment where we have the joy of sharing and demonstrating Christ's love for them.

A preschooler’s most effective method of learning is through hands-on activities & interactions. Our preschool classes are led by trained, loving and dedicated teachers who provide a variety of learning opportunities in a safe environment. Each session your child attends is focused around a Bible Story and a Biblical truth that they will explore in ways they can understand. We want your preschooler to love coming to church!

Please visit the Learning Environments page for more details on the kinds of activities your child will experience.

Security check-in

First Baptist Oviedo places a high priority on the safety and security of your child. Our Child Protection Policy includes a security identification system which provides a reliable way of ensuring that your child is only permitted to leave a classroom with the appropriate adult. You will complete a Guest Check-In form for each child when you arrive. You may download & complete the form in advance if you prefer by clicking here. If your child has allergies, allergy alert stickers are provided at the check-in stations as well. In addition, the training and background screening of Preschool Ministry workers provides parents with the comfort of knowing your child is being cared for by adults who are qualified to do so.  

Please note the location of our Preschool classrooms on the map below. Babies - PreKindergartners are in the Lower Level of the Worship Center Building in Friendship Island. You are only one floor away from your child while attending Worship Services!

Frequently Asked QuestionS

How do I know which class my child should attend?

Greeters will be located at all the Welcome Centers. They will direct you to the Preschool area, known as Friendship Island, where our staff will assist you with security check-in and locating the appropriate class for your child. Classes are provided for preschool children, from birth through PreKindergarten.

Can I complete a Guest Check-In form before I arrive?

Yes, click here to download the form so you can complete one form for each of your preschoolers, Babies - PreKindergartners. Please bring the form(s) with you to the Preschool Check-In desk in Friendship Island indicated on the map above.

What time should we arrive?

Classes open 10 minutes before the beginning of all scheduled services.

What should I do to prepare my child's diaper bag?

Please label all your child's belongings with their first & last name name. This would include bottles, pacifiers, formula containers, infant carriers and the diaper bag itself.

Do many children stay for two services on Sunday mornings?

Yes, every classroom is open for two consecutive sessions on Sunday mornings. It is common for children to stay for both hours. Both sessions share the same Bible story each week but have different learning activities. Children who attend both enjoy the richest program since they get the most reinforcement of the lesson concepts for the week.

What if my child needs me while they are in the Preschool Ministry?

Our security check-in system requires you to indicate where you will be while your child is with us. If you are in a classroom, we will gladly come to get you. If you are in a Worship Service, your family ID # will flash on the large screens in the Worship Center. In addition, pagers are provided to parents of Babies & One-Year-Olds as an extra measure of communication with you.

Do you have a Nursing Mother’s Room?

Yes, a nursing mother’s room is available in Starfish 4 in Friendship Island.

We will gladly answer your other questions!

For further information or with any questions please contact us:
, Preschool Ministry Assistant