How much does it cost?

Upon completion of an entrance book (given the first night your child attends) each clubber will be eligible to receive their first book and uniform. The cost for each of the club’s uniforms, books and dues are as follows:


(Includes book, uniform, and dues)


New Sparkie - $45.00
(Includes book, uniform, and dues)
Returning Sparkie - $35.00
(Includes books and dues)
C-TRAK - $15.00


New T&T - $45.00
(Includes book, uniform, and dues)
Returning T&T - $35.00
(Includes books and dues)

How can I help?

Each Wednesday night we have hundreds of children from around the community attend our AWANA Clubs. These children are ready to say sections of Bible Scripture they have worked on all week to memorize. We are always in need of people to listen to these children recite their sections. We are looking for adults who want to invest their time with kids.  

Please contact , in the Church Office, if you would like more information on how you could play a part in this ministry.

Leader: Oversees a team of eight to twelve children during each segment of club meetings and encourages them to participate. Helps maintain club records. No preparation necessary.
Listens to clubbers say sections and helps with records. No preparation necessary.
Game Directors
Conducts game time and encourages team participation.

Contact Info:

Susan Diaz 407.365.3484, ext 154 or email