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Series Summary

When we read the Bible, we cannot help be see the overwhelming power that is the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament, we read of prophets who had the Spirit of God on them. In the Gospels, we read about Jesus Christ being with the disciples. However, in John 14:16, a radical shift happens when Jesus tells the disciples that they will have the Holy Spirit living IN them! How incredible is it to think that the same Spirit that spoke the world into existence is living within all those who believe Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior! We can see the extreme transformation of the disciples in the book of Acts, as they flip the world upside down and begin the greatest movement in all of history: Christianity! In this series, we'll be discussing four ways that the Holy Spirit can be unleashed in your life, allowing you to change your world for God's glory!

week 1 - The Helper Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

2/15 - Jon Kragel
John 14:12-19

We are not fully free until we are released and experience the true context for which we were created! Just as a catipillar is not fully free until he becomes a butterfly and uses his wings, Christians are not truly free until they experience and unleash the Holy Spirit in their lives. Listen the message above, as Jon explains 3 Ways for Christians to Fly!

week 2 - The Interpreter Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

2/22 - Jon Kragel
John 14:25-27

Have you ever had a hard time trying to understand that the Bible is telling you? Well, the good news is that the Holy Spirit is called to be our teacher of the Scriptures in that He helps us both understand and apply the Word of God! In this lesson, we learn that the Holy Spirit gives us proof of God, wisdom in teaching, remembrance of the bible, peace in troubled times, and confidence when facing doubts!

Check out the video below to see how even the simpliest of tasks can become difficult if no translation is given.

week 3 - The Prosecutor Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

JOHN 16:7-11

Do you know the difference between discovery and invention? Discovery is the finding out of the existence of somthing, where invention deals with human creation. When it comes to the Holy Spirit, He helps us discover the truth because truth exists in the person of Jesus Christ. Other religion invent ways to get to God, but Christianity is an explanation of how God came to us. The second question of this message is can you discern the Voice of Truth? Once you've discovery what the truth really is, can you hold onto truth in every situation? Listen to this message as Jon challenges everyone to know the difference between the Holy Spirit's conviction of sin versus the world's shame from sin.


week 4 - The Revealer Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

JOHN 16:13-15

The Holy Spirit reveals the glory of God so we can declare Him to the world. The Holy Spirit guides through speaking, speaks what He hears, hears of God's glory, and glorifies through declaration. Listen to Jon in this message and be challenged to declare the works that have been revealed to the world.