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Series Summary

Knowing our spiritual makeup is vitally important for the eternal and the everyday, for us and for our friends. How can we invite others to follow Jesus if we don't know who we are as a follower of Jesus? How can we share about forgiveness unless we understand we have been forgiven? How can we promote life unless we acknowledge who gave us life? How can we instruct on spiritual gifts unless we have activated our own? How can we set an example unless we know who we are imitating? How can we win the spiritual battle unless we know who won the war?

At Elevate the next few weeks we will be unveiling our spiritual DNA. We invite you and your friends to come and discover who you really are as a follower of Jesus and the implications that are attached.

week 1 - alive & forgiven Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

1/11 - Nathan Wilder
Ephesians 1-2

If you know who you are, you know what to do, and in this week's lesson, Nathan walks through two key identifying characteristics for Christians. In Christ, we're both ALIVE and FORGIVEN! Click the link to download the podcast, and answer the discussion questions below with your family and friends.

kEy Discussion Questions

1. Share with each other about when you were eternally forgiven (when you became a Christian).
2. Share an example of when you have needed to forgive someone else.
3. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we also rise with Him! How are you living spiritually alive?

week 2 - acceptable Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)


How can we invite others to follow Jesus if we don't know who we are as a follower of Jesus? When we don't know our identity in Christ, how can we effectively share our identity with others? In this weeks lesson, Nathan teaches that in Christ, both Jews and Gentiles are ONE and are ACCEPTABLE to God, therefore included in the promises of God!


Answer the following four questions TRUE or FALSE.

1. T/F Since we are all created by God, we are all God's children.
2. T/F If we behave well, then we are in God's family.
3. T/F Because the US is founded on God all, Americans are God's children.
4. T/F We only become a child of God once we commit to follow Jesus. 

(Hopefully you answered in the following way: 1-false, 2-false, 3-false, 4-true)

Our identity can be found ACCEPTABLE in Christ alone! You won't find your identity in sports or break dancing like John Doe tries to do below...


week 3 - unified Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

1/25 - Chad Moore

We were never meant to go through life alone. As Christians, we function best when we work together. We're called the body of Christ, and in order for the body to function, we need everyone involved! In this week's message, Chad walks through Ephesians 4, challenging us to live for Christ and to live in unity with one another.

In the clip below, watch as our series character, John Doe, tries to find his identity in good works and religion. 

week 4 - light Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

2/1 - Nathan Wilder

If we don't know who we are, then how do we share our identity in Christ with others? In this week's lesson, Nathan teaches that we, those who follow Christ, should light up our identity so that our light shines bright in a very dark world. It should be easy to see us if we flip the switch and light up our identity in Christ! In the clip below, our series charcter, John Doe, continues to try and find his identity through "super-human" strength.



1. Compare the worldly perspective vs the Godly perspective on the following subject matters.  List examples of each.  Then, get personal and honestly evaluate the lens that you look through.

            Subject                        World                                              Christ followers
            Desires                      Do whatever pleases you          Do what pleases God
            Stuff                            Get all you can now                     Build treasure in heaven
           Motivation                 Do it for you                                    Do it for God
           Death                          The end                                            The beginning


2. Before you identity was in Christ, what did you find your identity in? How has that changed since you have become a Christian?

3. What are your spiritual gifts? List ways you are using your gifts to build up the church.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Here

week 5 - protected Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)


As we conclude our series on our Identity in Christ, Nathan teaches the importance of wearing the Armor of God.  In Christ, we are spiritually protected but we must put on the armor.  Daily, we might pray something like this:

Dear God, I’m going to put on your belt of truth today as I resist relativism.  I will protect my heart and love for you as I align with your standard by putting on the breastplate of righteousness.  I will lace up my spiritual shoes and fearlessly share the great news of the Gospel.  I will block Satan’s attempts to knock me down by using the shield of faith.  I will protect my mind of false doctrine by wearing the helmet of salvation.  I will offensively use your Word to fight against Satan’s schemes!


1. In a world that rejects absolute truth, how are you standing strong for the absolute truth found in Jesus?
2. Describe a time when you have been able to share the Gospel with someone else.
3. How has Satan attempted to knock you down? How did you resist the fall and/or get back up again after the fall?