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Series Summary

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

How can we know God, when we've never seen Him face to face? Thankfully, Jesus gave us pictures to help us get a better understanding of who He is. In this series, we will attempt to answer two questions. First, what pictures did Jesus use to describe himself? Second, what picture are we painting of God to the world around us with how we are living? Check out the notes, podcasts, and sermon clips below as we walk through the book of John to learn more about God, and in turn, more about ourselves!

week 1 - Light of the World Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

8/22 - JOn Kragel
John 8:12

There is no battle between light and darkness when you walk into a room. As soon as you flip the switch, light comes on, and all that darkness can do is run and hide in the shadows behind objects and in corners. In this message, Jon tells us of the positive aspects of Jesus being the Light of the World.

week 2 - Living Water Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

8/29 - Jon Kragel
John 7

The earth is made up of 70% water. Our bodies are 2/3 water. We use water in every facet of our everyday life. In John 7, Jesus offers us living water, meaning the Holy Spirit, and He tells us that spiritually drinking this water, we will never thirst again. In this message, Jon tells the reasons why we should drink the living water from Christ, and avoid the salt water of the world.

week 3 - Bread of Life Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

9/5 - Jon Kragel
John 6

In this story, the people listening to Jesus come so close to him, yet walk away missing the point. What are our motives for coming to church? Not simply why do we come, but why do we stay, and what do we walk away from remembering? In this message, Jon pleads with everyone to not come to church, only to walk away missing Christ.

week 4 - The Word Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

9/12 - Nathan Wilder
John 1

In America, we speak English. In Germany, people speak German. In Brazil, people speak Portugese. People can understand each other when they speak the same langauge. What language does God speak? In this message, Nathan shares how we can know God when we know Jesus Christ, and we can share God with our friends when we "speak" Christ through our actions.

week 5 - The Good Shepherd Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

9/19 - Nathan Wilder
John 10

In Biblical times, shepherding was a common profession. A shepherd had the responsibility to lead, guide, protect, and take care of his flock. The more the animals were around the shepherd, the more they knew his voice. In this message, Nathan shares how Christ is the Good Shepherd, who leads, guides, protects, and takes care of us. The closer we are to Christ, the better we'll understand and know His voice.