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Series Summary

Through the Desert to the Promise Land

Unfortunately there isn't a step by step guide for us in our lives, instead the life of a Christian is often more like a journey through the wilderness than a step by step plan. Therefore, we find many similarities between our own lives and the journey that the Israelites made from Egypt to the Promised Land. In this series, we will be learning about ourselves and our own journey by studying the journey of the Israelites.

week 1 - The Exodus Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

3/25 - Chad Moore
Exodus 14:5-31

Every journey begins somewhere and it often begins with a step of faith. This week we look at how the journey of the Israelites began in Egypt and what role God played in this beginning. They had to take a step of faith to start their journey and eventually reach the Promised Land. We also must take a step of faith to begin our Christian life and eventually reach the Promised Land.

week 2 - Idol Distractions Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

Exodus 32

The people of Israel got into trouble in the same way we can get in trouble today. First, they were idle. Second, they created idols. Third, their idols became their bridles. Listen to this powerful message from Chad.

week 3 - The Path of Courage Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

4/11 - Jon Kragel
Joshua 1:6-9

How does Joshua move from fear to leading Israel into the Promised Land in only eleven verses? He walks along the Path of Courage. Truth leads to Trust. Trust leads to Transformation. Transformation leads to Triumph. Where are you on the path? Listen to this powerful message from Jon Kragel.

week 4 - Strangers In The World Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

Joshua 2

How can people respond and live for God in a land filled with those who reject God? Chad Moore reminds us in this message that our true home is heaven, and God has called us to live in the world, but not be of the world. 

week 5 - Lasting Commitment Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

Joshua 24

The question is not are you serving, but whom you are serving? The question is not do you worship, but whom do you worship? Everyone has been created to serve and to worship, but we often find ourserves serving lesser things, and worshipping things of this world. Be encouraged in this message as Chad describes one man's commitment to God that stands the test of time.