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Series Summary


Moses led the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and passed the baton to Joshua to lead them into the Promised Land. Joshua receives the charge from Moses (a man of great proven faith) and receives the charge from God. He leads the people successfully into the Promise Land, but it wasn't easy. In this series, we will observe and learn from this account.

Just like God charged Joshua with the great responsibility to receive the baton from Moses to lead Israel to the Promise Land, God is charging us to receive the baton of faith to lead our generation into God's Kingdom. As it did Joshua and the Israelites, this will require us to man up (rise up) and own God's charge to strengthen and expand God's Kingdom!

week 1 - Examine The Charge Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

01/09 - JON KRAGEL

Charge means "to command," "to fill," and "to attack." We receive the command of God, get filled with His power, and attack our world with Gospel for God's glory! Check out this quick clip below from the message.


week 2 - Faithless to Faithful Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

01/16 - JON KRAGEL

Faith requires three things: the mind, the heart, and the will. The mind acknowledges the Word of God. The heart accepts the emotional connection of a personal relationship with God. The will shows that a person is ready to both walk in faith and witness in faith. In this message, we take a look at the faith of one person, Rahab, and the faith of a nation, Israel. Imagine if we had the faith they did back then how God could radically change our communities for Him.


week 3 - Battlegrounds Elevate - Sermon Icons - Download(download)

01/23 - JON KRAGEL

We must learn to ask ourselves three questions on a regular basis. First, what are we scared of? In other words, what is keeping us from fighting for Christ. Second, have we taken our faith out of the box? In other words, how are we living for God TODAY? Finally, what are we holding onto? God calls us to set aside the hinderances that keep us from following fully after Him. Be challenged by this message as we take a look at Israel's battle at Jericho.