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March 16-22

March 16-22 we are going on a mission trip to New Orleans, LA. New Orleans is a unique city, rich in history and culture. The city’s historic link to the Catholic Church is evident in nearly every aspect of its culture. However, over the years the people of New Orleans have lost sight of the meaning behind many of their practices. Many of you are undoubtedly aware of Mardis Gras and the atmosphere that surrounds it. What you may not know is the Christian symbolism that surrounds Mardis Gras! Even their King cake (something eaten in New Orleans every year at that time) is wrought with symbolism of the King of Kings! Children even hope to find the baby Jesus that is hidden inside the cake. As their Christian roots have crumbled beneath the city the city itself is in a dire situation. Extreme poverty, poor education and the complete meltdown of the family have served to leave New Orleans looking much like a third world country within the US. 

All is not without hope though. The SBC has multiple new church plants beginning in various parts of the city! This is where our students will come in. We will spend the week doing community ministries and assisting LifeHouse City church! This is a brand new church plant that is beginning in the Garden District of New Orleans. These days of ministry & mission will have our students working with the people of New Orleans to spread the gospel and create several environments in the community where children and families can be introduced to the gospel. 



March 22-29, 2013

Pray for our team as they serve in several villges and churches in the area and participating in: construction projects, evangelism, food distribution, assisting in orphanages and hospitals for paraplegic residents, school and church projects, medical mission projects, mini sport camps, and leading Bible studies. Stay up-to-date with their trip through the Facebook group, found here:

Haiti Updates


El Salvador

March 22-30, 2013

Pray for our team as they partner with Across Missions and Zacamil Baptist Church to minister to thousands of people across San Salvador, El Salvador. This year, we're hoping to hand out 4,000 Wordless Bracelets, perform dramas and music in several school, serve in a feeding center that helps over 150 children, and hold a soccer tournament for the locals. You can stay up-to-date on their trip with photos, videos, and testimonies found here:

El Salvador Updates



March 22-30, 2013

Pray for our team as their share the Gospel in many different cities, through drama presentations and testimonies in school assemblies, organizations, and churches. Stay up-to-date with their trip here:

Brazil Updates

Go To All Nations…

At Elevate, we believe that the high school students of First Baptist Oviedo can make an impact for Christ across this world today. With this in mind, we’ve designed yearly mission trips which give the opportunity for students to EXPERIENCE a life serving Jesus on a global level. Students will have an opportunity to build relationships, learn to serve together, learn to serve outside of their comfort zone, and most importantly, grow closer to God. Because serving on a mission team is a very serious deal, we make sure that each and every student has followed the process before they are given the opportunity to serve and reflect Christ on a mission trip. Remember that just as the 12 disciples were mentored by Jesus Christ before they were sent out into the world, students must have a growing relationship in Christ and must already have experienced serving in the church before making an impact overseas.