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Questions and Fears

How can I know this is a safe place?

Celebrate Recovery comes to us with Small Group Guidelines. The number 4 Guideline is “Anonymity and confidentiality are basic requirements. What is shared in the group stays in the group.” These guidelines are read at the beginning of every meeting and we take them very seriously. We instruct our leaders and participants that nothing that is said or done at CR goes outside, not even to their spouse. The only exception is if someone threatens bodily harm to themselves or another, then that would be reported to the proper people. Anything else that is said stays right there.

Do I have to be Baptist—or, if I’m not, will you try to convert me?

No and no. You do not have to be Baptist to attend our Celebrate Recovery; we have people from different denominations who come regularly.  And no, if you attend another church regularly, we are not interested in “converting” you. However, if you do not know Christ on a personal level as your Lord and Savior, you will hear of His love and His grace and His desire for fellowship with you. We will tell you that you need that personal relationship with Christ to begin your recovery. We will tell you what He has done for us and what He can do for you.

Will I have a sponsor?

We will encourage you to find a sponsor and accountability partners in Celebrate Recovery. You will have an opportunity to ask someone to be your sponsor or accountability partner at the Thursday night dinner or at the Solid Rock Café after the Small Share Group. Before you decide on someone, listen to them in the small group. Do you relate to their story? Have they gone through what you are now facing? Is this someone you feel you can connect with and be totally honest with? If so, ask them to sponsor you. When you find someone who is at the same place in their recovery as you and are dealing with the same issues, you may want to ask that person to be your accountability partner.  What you will discover in Celebrate Recovery is that you are responsible for your recovery. You will find this much easier if you surround yourself with a support group of individuals who know what you are facing and will work with you.