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TESTING A habit is an addiction to someone or something (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, etc.)

This is my last cigarette.
I can stop but I just need one more hit.
I wouldn’t have had that last brownie but it was calling my name!
I know I don’t have any more money but my luck will turn around soon.

Familiar?  Unfortunately, for many of us, they are way too familiar. When did the alcohol turn from just an occasional social drink to getting drunk. How long did it take you to go from a reasoned shopper to one who has to have the latest thing on the market—no matter how many you have, this one just has to be better. When did eating for nutrition turn into eating from stress, pressure, boredom?

You are not alone. Celebrate Recovery can connect you to others who know what it is like. You can kick this habit with Jesus as your Higher Power and with the sisters and brothers here to support and encourage you.